Deia & Cala Deia

Deia is a small village on the island of Mallorca. The small coastal village is located in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca’s mountains. Deja is known for its musical and literary residents – but also for its beauty. It is located about 16 kilometers from Valldemossa and according to me, one of the most idyllic places on the whole island of Mallorca. Deia has gorgeous landscapes filled with orange trees, olive groves and cliffs.


Deia to Cala Deia

Last week I went to Deia, we took the car from Palma de Mallorca and drove past Soller into Deia, the drive takes about 45 minutes if you go over the Tramuntana mountains. If you take the new road it goes a lot faster, but it’s not nearly as beautiful – so I prefer the longer way every time.

When arriving in Deia, make sure to walk up to the church on the top of the village, the church itself is beautiful and the views from up there are amazing!

Deia is filled with great restaurants and beautiful hotels (adlink). The well know restaurant El Olivo is the restaurant of the hotel La Recidencia. You can see it on the picture above.

We then took the small hike from Deia to Cala Deia, it takes about 30 minutes to walk down to the water. Well down there is the gorgeous little restaurant Ca’s Patro March – you might have seen in in the Night Manager – great series if you haven’t seen it. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed this time of year, but the hike was well worth it anyway! I’ll be back in the Summer!

When you've arrived to the water - the hike is about 30 minutes through the woods and down the mountains, It's not hard but a little downhill, you'll arrive to the gorgeous seafood restaurant Ca's Patro March. You might recognize it from the Night Manager (picture from
When you’ve arrived to the water – the hike is about 30 minutes through the woods and down the mountains, It’s not hard but a little downhill, you’ll arrive to the gorgeous seafood restaurant Ca’s Patro March. You might recognize it from the Night Manager (picture from

west coast

On our way back to Palma we drove along the west coast all the way – I can just say one thing – DO IT!

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Capdepera to the Lighthouse of Cala Ratjada

This hike will start with some history in the beautiful village Capdepera and end by a beautiful lighthouse, surrounded by dreamy places to take swim in the Mediterranian ocean in Cala Ratjada. Anyway, we’ll start from the beginning. Capdepera is a small municipality located in the North-East of the island of Mallorca. The historic village is mostly known for the glorious Castle of Capdepera.

Castle of Capdepera

The castle of Captepera is a great fortress from the 14th century. When the village of Capdepera was founded in during that time it was by royal decree that that this fortress was built. The purpose was housing for the residents in Capdepera in order to protect them from pirates – therefor the walled village later became known as the Castle of Capdetera.

Castle of Capdepera
Castle of Capdepera – picture borrowed from

Legend has it that Capdepera’s citizens hid in during battles in the castle and was safe thanks to the great wall. The invaders were later driven away by fog. As a reminder of the miracle the happening is recorded in the castle and every year Capdepera had an annual fiesta to remind them of it. By climbing the steps from the market square in the town, called Placa de Orient – you will reach the castle. Make sure to pay it a visit before beginning the hike – it is beautiful its history echoes in the walls.

There is a small entrance fee and during season the castle opens the gates from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Read more about the Castle of Capdepera.

The hike from Capdepera to the lighthouse of Cala Ratjada

Capdepera to the Lighthouse of Cala Ratjada
Capdepera to the Lighthouse of Cala Ratjada
Capdepera to the Lighthouse of Cala Ratjada[/caption] Capdepera to the Lighthouse of Cala Ratjada[/caption]Over the years the battles stopped and the citizens of Capdepera relocated to the bottom of the over 150 meter hill which today is the still developing modern town of Capdepera. This is were the hike starts. The walk is very pleasant and only about two kilometers long. You will find the way quite easy – when arriving to Cala Ratjada you have to climb in order to get to the Cala Ratjada lighthouse. After the climb – be sure to enjoy a swim in at one of the many nearby beaches.

The beaches of Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada’s beaches are very popular on the island of Mallorca thanks to their fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. They are ideal not only to soak up the sun and cool of in the salty sea – but also is you are sporty. On the beaches of Cala Ratjada you can enjoy many of the numerous water sports. A lot of people come here to dive, water ski, windsurf and sail. The main beach in Cala Ratjada is the beach of Son Moll. It is located south of the harbour and spreads out over 150 meters with a depths of over 50 meters. This beach gets very crowded during the summer months – I would say that the slightly smaller beach of Cala Gat, east of the harbour, is equally beautiful, and equally popular.Close by or with just a short transport from those beaches you can find the more quiet choices if that is what you prefer, my top choices are the beach of Cala Agulla or the beach of Cala Mesquida.

Cala Ratjada Lighthouse
Cala Ratjada Lighthouse

Both Capdepera and Cala Ratjada are located in the northeastern part of the island of Mallorca. Easiest to get here from Palma is by car.


If you have any questions – just ask! Otherwise I hope you enjoy the hike!

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Cap de Ses Salines to Colònia Sant Jordi

Hiking in Mallorca

Hiking trails are not few on the island of Mallorca. Earlier this week I enjoyed the beautiful hike from Cap de Ses Salinas to La Colònia Sant Jordi. It is an approximately eleven kilometers long hike with an easy route plan that allows you to admire the most exceptional coves and wild beaches of Mallorca – always accompanied by the view of the Mediterranean ocean and the island of Cabrera. The hike is accessible only by foot since the tracks are privately owned and the entire area is fenced.

Cap de Ses Salines to Colònia Sant Jordi

The hike from Cap de Ses Salines to Colònia de Sant Jordi

The route is, as many of the hiking trails in Mallorca, one-way so a car is the easiest way to reach the routs. To do this hike the way I did, leave your car in the town of Ses Salines, from there you can take a cab to Cap de Ses Salines (purple pin) where you can see the lighthouse.

This is where the hike starts. Take the path to the right and follow northwest to Sa Punta Negra – from here you just walk along side the beautiful shore line. The first beach you will reach is Platja des Cargol – a great, long and lonely beach – where a dip in the ocean could be the best when the weather allows. Needless to say, along the hike you will see various bunkers and other excavations in the rocks – these are old and fascinating military buildings.

Ses Salines Continue along the coast until you reach Ses Roquetes overlooking the island Sa Pelada. Then you will find the magnificent beach of ses Roquetes where you can see the whitish sand contrasting with the various blue water. Along the beaches from now on you can see the the island Na Moltona in front of you.

Soon you will reach the next beach on this hike – Platja d’es Carbó – from now on the island in you will see changes from Na Moltona to the island of Na Guardis. All of the small islands in the horizon is an amazing part of Mallorcas shoreline and they never fail to amaze.

From here you will continue to the small beach Can Curt with its characteristic small buildings. Close to here is Platja des Dolç where you will find an installation series including bars, cafes, parasols and toilets, a very nice beach for many occasions. You can stay there another time because the hike is almost finished at this point. From here you will continue to Port de Campos, a place that allows you to rent different types of boats or join one of the small boat trips that leaves from there to areas close by.

After Port de Campos you will be entering the urban area of Colònia de Sant Jordi (red pin). Stay for a while if you would like. When you feel ready to go back, take the bus L502 that will bring you back to Ses Salines.

map de Ses Salines

If you have any questions – just ask!

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