Mallorca Delicatessen & Viandas de Salamanca

Palma is a city also well known for its many small delicacy stores located on the small streets of the old town. Today me and my friend, visiting from Stockholm, passed by two of my favorites in order to find the perfect ingredients for a beautiful dinner. Mallorca Delicatessen and Viandas de Salamanca.

Mallorca Delicatessen, located at Plaza Marques del Palmer n7
Mallorca Delicatessen, located at Plaza Marques del Palmer n7

Mallorca Delicatessen

Palma’s selection of delicacies is on thing you can not miss in this city. While walking around in the streets of Palma you will encounter, the somewhat touristy – but still amazing, Mallorca Delicatessen. The cultural heritage and legacies of Mallorca have at Mallorca Delicatessen been united in a selection of products most closely representative of the island.

chiliMallorca Delicatessen’s products are based on traditional Mallorcan old recipes, handed down from generation to generation. You will find chilies, hams, Spanish sausages, Sobrasada, sea salts and much more. Pay it a visit when you are here – if not to buy anything, it is visually beautiful only for the eye.

I have two favorite products that I want to share with you, two things I always have home, that gives most food that extra touch. I always buy them from Mallorca Delicatessen whenever I run out.

The Mallorca typical chilies are not only a very nice seasoning, but also amazing to look at. I have many of those having in my kitchen, a beautiful contribution of color in the otherwise very white kitchen.

Mallorca Delicatessen’s flavored sea salts are also a favorite of mine. Their salts are harvested on the east cost of Mallorca, at Ses Salines de Llevant – the area stretches from Colonia de Sant Jordi, to the beach of Es Trenc (here is also a great hiking trail – read about it here). The sea salts are completely addictive, but all natural – created from the sun, sea and wind.

Viandas de Salamanca

Viandas de Salamanca is a store dedicated to the distribution and marketing of the best meat products from all of Spain. You will fin the store in the center of Palma’s old town. The store has experience of over 25 years in the meat industry, and if you are going to eat meat – why not choose that best. Viandas de Salamanca offers Viandas hams, sausages, cold cuts and slices – all, the result of a careful and painstaking selection process.

Viandas de Salamanca, located on Carrer de Sant Miquel, 33, 07002 Palma de Mallorca
Viandas de Salamanca, located on Carrer de Sant Miquel n33

Delicacy dinner in Palma

The dinner turned out amazing – and for this one I do not need to give you instructions. Choose your selection of sausages and cold cut hams (here – lomo, jamon Iberico and fuet). We served the meats with a watermelon salad with feta cheese, asparagus with parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes and some nice red wine.

dinner in Palma


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