ROMWOD – Optimize your Range of Motion

As an active person who often goes to the gym, hikes, runs etcetera, I know how hard it can be to get time to work on your movement and flexibility. I have always been interested of yoga and my body is used to stretch for a few hours every week. All though I am well aware of the difficulties to make time for the stretching and flexibility exercises that are necessary when you work out a lot. I recently found out about a great solution for this – ROMWOD.

The positions are varied every day & you are staying in the same position for 1-5 minutes.
The positions are varied every day & you are staying in the same position for 1-5 minutes – here in a seated forward fold.

ROMWOD & why it is good for you

Romwod is a form of universal stretching that aims to increase flexibility and movement to the user – formed to fit all athletes regardless their athletic background (running, cross fit, gymnastics, gym, etcetera). Even I, who are used to yoga and the flexibility it provides, am already a big fan – not only cause it stretches my body, but also thanks to the short amount of time you have to invest.

Romwod stands for ”Range of Motion Workout of the Day”. As a subscriber to the website you are provided by daily programs and videos that are designed to increase your range of motion, optimize your athletic performance and promote not only flexibility – but also – recovery, healing, and longevity.

ROMWOD & why it is different from yoga

During this session I was in a pigeon position for 4 minutes on each side - an extremely powerful pose.
During this session I was in a pigeon position for 4 minutes on each side – an extremely powerful pose.

Romwod is not comparable to a yoga class. I see Romwod as an addition to you daily training regardless of the type of training you have been doing. One of the most important differences for many people is that yoga usually require you to invest at least 60-90 minutes of your day. Romwod’s daily sessions are 15-20 minutes, with one exception – the weekly “warrior session” on Thursdays that requires around 45 minutes of your time.

As some of you know – I am on vacation in Alcossebre at the moment (more about Alcossebre soon) and I have been hiking, swimming, weight lifting, done yoga for a week. Every afternoon I have managed to invest circa 15 minutes to Romwod – and I can feel results after a week.

The most important difference from yoga is Romwod’s focus on maintaining strength while increasing flexibility. The founders themselves say ”ROMWOD does not train you to be more flexible. It trains your joints to open and it strengthens your joints at the same time.” and I think it sums it up pretty well.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Rodaballo “a la Plancha” – a Recipe

During this time of year the markets here in Palma are filled with the latest catch of the day – fish and seafood never taste better! Today I went to Mercat de L’Olivar to find Rodaballo (turbot). I just love grilled white fish – and the recipe below is one of my absolute favorites. It is easily made and the salty fish combined with the sweetness from the salad is perfect for hot summer days.

Rodaballo “a la Plancha”

Serve with a chilled dry white wine!
Serve with a chilled dry white wine!

This is what you need (for 4 people):

Rodaballo or turbot of 2 kilograms (ask in the market if you would like help to remove the head and parts unnecessary for serving)

100 grams of butter

a large bundle of fresh parsley (more than you think)
Sea salt
Chili flakes (fresh chili can be hard to find in Spain during summer – not sure why – so unless you want to buy a whole bine from Mallorca Delicatessen for example – you have to use the dried flakes. All though, if you have fresh chili, use it, just chop it fine and remove the cores before sprinkling it on the fish)

Clean the fish and put it in an ovenproof pan.

Rub it all over with butter and season it with salt, pepper, chili flakes and a lot of fresh parsley. Put the fish in the oven on 100 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes (the fish can be grilled as well – in aluminum foil – all though, making it it the oven is slightly easier). The lower degrees and the longer you leave the fish in the oven, the better it will taste.

Sallad with mango & salted almonds

This is what you need (for 4 people):

1 head of rose lettuce (any lettuce is fine, I like this mostly cause it is beautiful to look at)
1 mango
1 avocado
1 Spanish zucchini (regular zucchini works just as fine – just peel it if you do not like the texture of the peel)
100 grams of Feta cheese
50 grams of almonds
Sea Salt
Olive oil

Mango sallad

Cut the fruits and vegetables and put in a beautiful bowl – sprinkle over feta cheese and chopped salted almonds. Serve with olive oil, salt and fresh black pepper.

Serve the turbot straight from the grill with a fresh parsley & sea salt butter for greatest taste – the sweetness of the mango and the texture from the almonds make the dish complete!


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Hotel Hostal CUBA & SKY BAR CUBA

Hotel Hostal Cuba is located in Santa Catalina, in central Palma de Mallorca, on Calle Sant Magi 1. Santa Catalina is a great choice for travelers who like walking, good food and city sights – Hotel Hostal Cuba is right next to the small boat Marina and Sa Feixina Park – a beautiful park that lives 24 hours a day.
Hotel Hostal Cuba

Hotel Hostal Cuba’s amazing rooftop

Palma is as I have mentioned many times before famous for its wide selection of bars and restaurants. In the outskirts of Santa Catalina you can find rooftop bars offering both drink and amazing views. One of my absolute favorites is the rooftop of Hotel Hostal Cuba. On the top of the very nice hotel is the even nicer sky bar, Sky Bar Cuba, overlooking the Bay of Palma.

Sky Bar Cuba's bartenders are always nice and welcoming - and talented makers of drinks - try one of their great cocktails or enjoy a glass of wine
Sky Bar Cuba’s bartenders are always nice and welcoming – and talented makers of drinks – try one of their great cocktails or enjoy a glass of wine

Sky bar CUBA

During sunny afternoons the rooftop is filled with people enjoying the view while having a formidable drink. If you have never been to Bar Cuba I would suggest you make a reservation in order to be seated at one of the tables with the best view. To watch the sunset from here is magical – featuring the Cathedral lit up by the special Mallorcan light.

Sky bar Cuba is a quit small and exclusive bar, so even though it is very popular – the surroundings make you feel welcome and well cared for. Sky bar Cuba offers a wide selection of drinks from the best brands and proposals.


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Mallorca Delicatessen & Viandas de Salamanca

Palma is a city also well known for its many small delicacy stores located on the small streets of the old town. Today me and my friend, visiting from Stockholm, passed by two of my favorites in order to find the perfect ingredients for a beautiful dinner. Mallorca Delicatessen and Viandas de Salamanca.

Mallorca Delicatessen, located at Plaza Marques del Palmer n7
Mallorca Delicatessen, located at Plaza Marques del Palmer n7

Mallorca Delicatessen

Palma’s selection of delicacies is on thing you can not miss in this city. While walking around in the streets of Palma you will encounter, the somewhat touristy – but still amazing, Mallorca Delicatessen. The cultural heritage and legacies of Mallorca have at Mallorca Delicatessen been united in a selection of products most closely representative of the island.

chiliMallorca Delicatessen’s products are based on traditional Mallorcan old recipes, handed down from generation to generation. You will find chilies, hams, Spanish sausages, Sobrasada, sea salts and much more. Pay it a visit when you are here – if not to buy anything, it is visually beautiful only for the eye.

I have two favorite products that I want to share with you, two things I always have home, that gives most food that extra touch. I always buy them from Mallorca Delicatessen whenever I run out.

The Mallorca typical chilies are not only a very nice seasoning, but also amazing to look at. I have many of those having in my kitchen, a beautiful contribution of color in the otherwise very white kitchen.

Mallorca Delicatessen’s flavored sea salts are also a favorite of mine. Their salts are harvested on the east cost of Mallorca, at Ses Salines de Llevant – the area stretches from Colonia de Sant Jordi, to the beach of Es Trenc (here is also a great hiking trail – read about it here). The sea salts are completely addictive, but all natural – created from the sun, sea and wind.

Viandas de Salamanca

Viandas de Salamanca is a store dedicated to the distribution and marketing of the best meat products from all of Spain. You will fin the store in the center of Palma’s old town. The store has experience of over 25 years in the meat industry, and if you are going to eat meat – why not choose that best. Viandas de Salamanca offers Viandas hams, sausages, cold cuts and slices – all, the result of a careful and painstaking selection process.

Viandas de Salamanca, located on Carrer de Sant Miquel, 33, 07002 Palma de Mallorca
Viandas de Salamanca, located on Carrer de Sant Miquel n33

Delicacy dinner in Palma

The dinner turned out amazing – and for this one I do not need to give you instructions. Choose your selection of sausages and cold cut hams (here – lomo, jamon Iberico and fuet). We served the meats with a watermelon salad with feta cheese, asparagus with parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes and some nice red wine.

dinner in Palma


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