Raw Protein Balls – a recipe

Raw balls are just one of the many hypes that have gotten big in the raw food community. The knowledge and even more so, the interest in this area is growing so fast. Here in Mallorca it is coming more and more thanks to all of the influences from other parts of the world. In Palma there are some small raw food shops and restaurants popping up around the city.

I visited one of my favorite places last weekend, located in Santa Catalina, is the raw food shop Ziva to Go. Overall, a lot is happening in the area of Santa Catalina. More and more tourists are starting to find the cozy artistic district with a bustling mallorcan street life filled with bars, restaurants and hotels. Ziva to Go is a mix of a raw food restaurant/café and a raw food shop dedicated to serve healthy and vibrant food. Their focus is locally grown and/or organic ingredients – everything they make is to improve health while adding a gourmet flare.

raw protein balls

One thing they are super good at are raw balls – and I get so inspired looking at all of the types and flavors they offer at Ziva to Go.

So what I did when I got home was that I made my own raw balls with a twist – since I had been hiking all day – I added some well needed protein – turning mine into raw protein balls.

Raw protein balls

This is what you need and how you make them (10 raw balls):
100 g natural cashew nuts
4 dried dates
1 espresso shot (I know that since the coffee is roasted it is not completely raw food balls, so if you want to, you can skip it – I just love the taste)
1 table spoon coconut oil
1 table spoon raw cacao
1 table spoon hemp protein powder
1 pinch of sea salt
Coconut flakes and chia seeds to roll them in

Grind the nuts to a fine flour with your mixer. When the nuts are done, add the dates, espresso, coconut oil, raw cocoa, hemp protein powder and salt – then blend it all in the mixer until everything is well mixed and the dates are completely shredded.

Shape the batter into balls (my raw protein balls batter was quite sticky so I used two spoons) and roll in coconut and/or chia seeds. Put the raw protein balls in the refrigerator or freezer for a while before eating.

raw food balls


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